December 31, 2011

Hong Kong 2009


Hong Kong has the rare distinction of being one of the overseas destinations that is often quicker to get to than driving from one point of Metro Manila to another. At one and a half hours away and four airlines flying almost every hour, it was the perfect getaway for a weekend. Summers are brutal, but the heat did little to diminish the amazing views of the harbor and Victoria Peak. From Tsim Sha Tsui to Central on Hong Kong Island, the city is teeming with life, noise, commerce and great architecture, particularly the HSBC tower. Disneyland was a highlight, fulfilling childhood dreams of seeing favorite Disney characters on the roads and in the rides.

We went there for a weekend and booked the day before the flight. With this kind of convenience, Hong Kong seems like a perfect getaway if you're tired of going to the malls.

Listening to : Bad Blood by Beck
 <3: Hong Kong            
=( : hot weather

Sydney, Australia 2008

On our way to the Opera House

Cos we were so young..

view from our condo in Milsons Point. Beautiful eh?

Arrived. We felt like rockstars haha

Goodmorning Syd

our condo

Breakfast at Balmoral, 5 minutes away from Mark's house

(From left to right) Kirribilli ,  Botanical Gardens,  Hayden Orpheum Theater,  Queen Victoria Building,

Sydney conjures many nostalgic memories. A home away from home; a vision of the past, and possibly a window to the future. It has somehow become a part of me. I feel it in cool breezes, I see it in old, Victorian-era buildings; I taste it in gourmet food and I re-live it whenever I have fun. Sydney is all these things - a melding of dignified past and future, a place of enjoyment and leisure, of chilly winters and burnt summers. My first visit had me enchanted with the sandstone clad Queen Victoria Building, a shopping area and landmark with old tiles, stained glass windows and copper domes, the quiet Balmoral Beach and its killer Bather’s Pavilion Restaurant, its bustling Chinatown and grand harbor views from the North Shore. The Art Gallery beckoned, with the annual Archibald Prizes, adding an extra treat. But what struck me the most was Bennelong Point. Crowned with Sydney Opera House, the white sails across the harbor were a sight to behold. 

Listening to: Endless, A Silent Whisper by Urbandub
           <3 : Sydney
           =( :  I miss short hair

December 30, 2011

December 2011 Mood Board

Skin. More skin. Shoes to die for. Secrets. The wait. Back to basics. Change. A hope for the best. It's all good.

December Playlist:

1. Midnight Light -  Hayley (Kaskade)
2. The Rest of You - Late Night Alumni
3. Anino - Up Dharma Down
4. Baby Now - Nichole Alden

Heartbreak Hotel:
4. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
5.  I Still Believe - Mariah Carey
6. I Caught Myself - Paramore
7. Cant't Be Friends - Trey Songz
8. Gamble - Shiina Ringo
9. Hush - Automatic Loveletter

10. You and I - Lady Gaga
11. Future Starts Slow - The Kills
12. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
13. S&M - Rihanna
14. Stars - Simply Red
15. Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless
16. Zoom - Fat Larry's Band
17.  Price Tag -Jessie J
18. Bubble Pop! - Hyuna
19. Won't Back Down - Eminem ft. Pink

Listening to :  Baby Now by Nichole Alden
             <3 : shoes
              =( : sigh

I Caught Fire

"In your eyes

I lost my place

Could stay a while

And I'm melting

In your eyes

Like my first time

That I caught fire"

Forgive the loved-up photos It's been 5 months of separation.
 It's just a bit sad that we're both sick so we were not able to truly enjoy each other's company. I also want to give a big "fuck you" to my ovaries for giving me my period today. My parents and some people might have prayed too much. Thanks for that. As if having Bronchitis was not enough, you really had to give me period cramps after a day my boy came back from Sydney, dear body, didn't you. We must then find delight in witty conversations like an 18th century couple. Not that I mind, intelligence and a hot body always feed the flames.
I've been burning ever since.

Listening to : Slow Ride by Foghat
              <3 : mark
              =( : sigh

December 28, 2011

Hurrah for 2011!

See list HERE

So far so good! I've managed to accomplish most of the "tasks" on my list this year. I've learned more about make-up, Japanese and insurance, was able to apply for a new job, save a bit (tinyyyy bit), travel around Europe and finish 2 books (hey, that's a feat for me since I'm very busy). I'm not necessarily healthier but I did sleep earlier and was able to maintain if not lose some weight. I was more independent  in a sense that I earned my own money and spent it the way I wanted, made life changing decisions, assisted my grandmother on our Eurotrip and was able to develop self discipline throughout everything.

The only thing I regret about 2011 is that I was not able to create artworks because I was too busy. I will push myself to accomplish this next year.

I was able to meet new people, gain new friends, fall in and out of love, got drunk for the first time, sang my heart out, partied with officemates and by the end of the year, pursued my Master's degree. 

2011 may have been rough but I learned a lot. I may not have grown taller but I did grow up. 


Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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Listening to : Midnight Light by Hayley Kaskade
              <3: 2011
             =( : saying goodbye to a special person

December 24, 2011

Clone Stamp 2012 Planner

My sister Margie and her good friend Eunice started this business called Clone Stamp where they sell unique and creative planners. For 2012, they've decided to create a planner with a Lomo camera for a design. This planner will be featured on GMA 7 this Monday December 26, 2011 so before they run out stocks, order now!

email them:

call: +639276836386

December 22, 2011

Insular Life PHSD Christmas Party

Gorgeous bandage dress from Studio,  nude studded pumps from Parisian, chandelier gold earrings from  Accessorize

Don't you just love our Office-ey Christmas party dresses?

How lucky can I get? I worked with gorgeous girls!ooh yeah! haha

Separated at birth? Hello there Maui or should I say Mestizay? :D

From left (top) Me and Ms. Edith- the wonderful supervisor I had the pleasure to work with and who acknowledged my "gift" for testing computer programs haha I will miss you Ma'am! CHONchon! My quirky and adorable colleague who has helped me a lot and who shared my love for anything "geeky". Henry and Bianca-- my overtime buddies and the closest people I have in my section. I shall forever miss our bondings, away, kulitan at gaguhan moments! I love you guys! Sir Peps Padilla- our senior AVP and our "tatay". Thank you for your guidance and support! Maui or Mestizay! I will miss our kikay moments!! 

Jessie is so beautiful here! My first and last "student" haha joke. Ms. Janice (middle)  our supervisor--straight from the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy! Hindi mukhang nanganak no? Hot pa rin hehe! Thank you for everything ma'am! And of course, Biang Biang!!

For some odd reason, I will miss my PHSD family. We may have had ups and downs but I sure learned a lot from you. I will miss you and I hope to see you all again soon.

These are pics from the PHSD/ Policyholder Services Division. Insular Life is a very good company and I did feel sad when I resigned. Again, the company really takes care of its employees.  Oh, in case you're wondering, I just resigned to pursue my Master's degree. Hello student life again! 

Listening to : Midnight Light by Hayley (Kaskade)
              <3:  party dresses
             =( : torn about leaving the company.

December 19, 2011

My Shoe Collection Update PART 2

Earth colors, blues, blacks and grays-conservative colors for the office and a Nike Air Max for jogging and then some boots. Most of them are pumps because our office prohibits sandals, peep toes and wedges.  
Thinking of buying office shoes or shoes in general?

1. Parisian (I bought mine from SM South Mall) - stylish yet affordable

2. Janilyn 
3. Zara-
5. Primadonna-
6.The Ramp  Crossings- 
7. Robinsons Department Store -
8. Steve Madden
9. Topshop -
10.  Forever 21-
11. Nine West
12. Greenhills Tiangge
13. Vivienne Westwood
14. Jeffrey Campbell -

Anyway, here are the links of my shoe collection since 2010:

Listening to :  Fire In Your New Shoes by Kaskade
              <3: shoes shoes
             =( :  missing someone

Miss Earth 2011

LBD and silk cover up from Zara, gold necklace from F21, thrifted waist belt, Parisian wedges, silver Longchamp LM bag
took this after the show. Ang ayos pa rin. Parang walang nangyari hehe
can we say BEST SEATS ever? With my hot uncle who is a huge fan of beauty pageants: Mervin haha

We got the tickets on the day itself. Acacia Hotel is walking distance from my office so we were very lucky.


I really like Paraguay. She's beautiful.

Mexico is the most gorgeous of them all!

Japan spoke English very well and was actually very sick during the competition. She won  Best costume though. You go Japan!


The winners.
Had the most awesome time at Miss Earth National Costume Competition held in Acacia Hotel near our office in Alabang. Thank you Tito Mervin for the tickets and Henry for the company. Henry and I were shrieking like gays on steroids while my uncle was ogling all the women like a straight guy. All's right with the world. 

Listening to :  Gamble by Shiina Ringo
              <3:  Fun times
              =( : I wish I had more height. hihii
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