December 22, 2010

Year Of The Rabbit

Zara TRF silk kimono dress as cover up,  H&M black tank, H&M denim shorts, F21 belt which you can't see well haha, Janilyn shoes

Zara beautiful silk kimono dress I haven't worn ever.  Although my sister wore this in a Puey Quinones fashion show.

beautiful brush by justMANGO

This was a gift from Mark 2 or 3 years ago (?) when we were just starting as a couple. First dress he ever bought me as a surprise gift.

accessories from Mark and my sister.. yeah they spoil me :)

loving these right now.. very comfy but the cheetah print shoes were more comfortable though.
I didn't even realize it's Christmas in two days. Damn. After that, it'll be a whole new year. I love 2010. The year has been good to me. A hell lot of good things happened and I would bid the year a bittersweet farewell.

 What I love about  2010

<3Had new work, new friends and more savings.
<3Moved to Makati in a hotel condo.
<3 Taught inside New Bilibid Prisons.
<3 Met with childhood friends from elementary :)
<3 LOTS of Road trips with workmates and friends, beaches, hole in the wall clubs and cafes
<3Hosted my grandmother's birthday in Alabang Country Club.
<3Watched concerts and gigs and was able to meet a lot of awesome people from the Indie scene.
<3Was given a lot of opportunities to study abroad, scholarship etc for 2011/2012.
<3Was able to attend  a lot of events which I couldn't last year because of school and work. Faves were:  Graphika Manila, Cinemalya, Cream Halloween Ball, Cosmo Bachelor Bash(oohlala), Fashion Week etc.
<3I was finally able to cosplay at Metro Comic Con! I love costumes! We have a big closet full of costumes, wigs and whatnot it would be such a waste not to use them :)
<3Vacation: Palawan, Mindoro, Davao, Cebu, Bohol, Baguio, Hong Kong (again but this time during autumn. thank God), Macau etc.
<3Was able to be a make-up artist and act in an indie film and meet a lot of amazing people.
<3 Had my first art exhibit after 8 years. I only joined some exhibits before and some art competitions.
<3 Started a shoe collection.
<3 Did some photoshoots and was able to meet talented artists from the fashion industry.
<3Hot models 
<3 Finished my V for Vendetta graphic novel. 
<3 Naruto, Evangelion 1.0, Criminal Minds, Modern Family(!!), Family Guy, BIG BANG THEORY(!!!), Glee, Master Chef etc.
<3 Wikileaks. Up yours corrupt governments. You had it coming.
<3 Natalie Tran and Philip De Franco

<3Fell in love again.

So yeah, 2010 made me young and happy. Thank you God for all the blessings. My 2011 is already planned. More blessings to all of us. Happy Holidays :)

Listening to : Hikari, Utada Hikaru (fave song ever)
             <3 : God's blessings
             =( : the year's ending too fast.  

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