December 08, 2010

Starbucks 2011 Planner

my work area: anywhere. As long as I have my laptop, external hard drive, organizer, card reader, phone, pen and the occasional food and cash when outside. The cute pouch/wallet is from Topshop. Mark bought it one day as a "sorry gift" along with a bouquet of flowers. He really really wanted to get it but I refused since I don't use wallets. Sweet <3 

It's my first time collecting Starbucks stickers because of the film prod. Mark and I usually buy coffee for the film crew and the nearest cafe is usually Starbucks, bought mostly peppermint mocha (for Mark) and iced chamomile tea (for me)  so as not to gain too much weight.

Booked this week. Extremely busy. Haven't finished filling up Friday and Sunday :)

Collecting those Starbucks stickers was like doing those *Bases*. Once you've started you kinda want to go all the way. Finally hit homerun, although the planner wasn't orgasmic (nor that great). I prefer this over the Belle de Jour  or the Stradmore(?) University Planner I always get because it's simpler. Also, I wasn't able to use my organizer this year because I was too busy I kept on forgetting to write on it. The Starbucks planner is ok. I really like the paper used and the smell of it. I like smelling new paper hihi.I haven't thoroughly checked the design inside, as long as it's simple and has ample space to write notes, I'm fine. It's a bit unpleasant touching the "steel" cover to be honest, I would've chosen others but Mark hated brown and he said the velvet one would smell or would not age well so yeah, I got this one (also) because the cover is waterproof. This might be my first and last Starbucks planner since Mark and I agreed that it's worth more than it actually is. (Try adding the amount of all the stickers.) Unless you are a coffee drinker, getting the planner is just an added bonus to your usual day; once you complete the promo you sort of say "Oh, okay" instead of "YESSS!!FINAAALLLY". Since my stomach cannot handle coffee (sucks), I don't think I'll collect stickers next year but if it's good, hmmm. :)   


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