December 20, 2010

My First Art Exhibit

Did this set for one week :)


my works, top and bottom.. in the middle by "Original Pinoy Manga"

with the brains of the event.. the talented Kadz!!

Octi light. cool

Lee Salvador's doodles :)

Kadz playing

Me, and new found friends Star and Lee Salvador :D

I'm so envious of Star's awesome tat!!!



Giving my short talk about my art :)

I'm thankful that Kadz gave me this "push" to remind me that God gave me a gift and that I should use it.

Thank you so much Kadz for making this happen. Thank you to everyone who came.
Mark, thank you for your persistence and for believing in my talent. Thank you for always always telling me to start painting again. I love you.

Listening to : Fherrond/Animalidad
             <3 : Pinoy Indie scene
         T__T:  Had to leave again for another engagement

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