December 26, 2010

Missing Mark

I'm sooo sorry I forgot to post this!! :D Congrats for this spread!!

I'm forever grateful Mark. Thank you for being there for me. Now, as you finish your law degree, it's my turn to be there for you :)
We've been best friends if not lovers for a while now. Our first proper picture was back in 2007 (one in black) but  we've met before that. By 2008, we've been  mistaken as siblings or cousins here or in Sydney. We've been going back and forth, Manila-Sydney for several years now. Sometimes me in Sydney, sometimes him in Manila. 
and here we are now. Still geeks at the UP Lantern Parade 2010. haha
Dear Mark,

I know you're missing Philippines right now. I hope to see you soon so we can play Guitar Hero, watch Family Guy, Criminal Minds, Master Chef and anime, take Mello for a walk, annoy Margie, gossip with Princess and Kiele, eat at Nan Ban Tei, play thumb war while waiting in the car, play "Magic" and "Bang", watch Natalie Tran (your dirty secret..admit it!), go to parties you hate (haha), have serious talks in bed til 4AM, argue over who has an irritating tone when explaining something,so you can embarrass me with your sexual innuendo jokes in front of our friends again, so I can kick you after embarrassing me, have breakfast at Seattle's Best, shop, watch movies, eat Mrs. Fields at Greenbelt, make fun, annoy people and jog around The Fort, walk around in ATC, order Mc Donalds at 12AM, watch Powerpuff Girls at 1:45AM then sleep at 2:30 AM.

We all miss you here. Even Mello says he misses you in his own bossy ways. Merry Christmas.


Listening to : Only Exception, Paramore and 505 by Arctic Monkeys
             <3 : Misguided Ghost, Paramore, Natalie Portman's Rap Video
             =( : Mark in Sydney

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