December 28, 2010


I already have a Starbucks planner but this is just too cute to pass!!! Buy one or more as a gift!

THE OWNERS OF CLONE STAMP: Margie Morales (my sister left) and Eunice Maximo (right)

Margie and Eunice

Clone Stamp is a company created by two Fine Arts students from UP Diliman. Margie Morales and Eunice Maximo make personalized designs for notebooks, laptop stickers, planners and other paper and office products. These two are extremely talented and are just so professional that a lot of people have already ordered, bought and met up with them, and I must say the customers were VERY HAPPY and SATISFIED with their products :)

For orders and inquiries kindly send them a  love note.

or mail them at

December 27, 2010

Artist of the Day: Christine Day Lorico

Christine Day Lorico inspired me to leap out of my comfort zone and let my imagination float on a magical sanctuary of the fantastic and romantic. Mark was VERY lucky to have been photographed by an artist I truly respect.

I do not own any of the photos.


photographer: christine day lorico
model: mark orosa
styling: eunice jean pastorel (nikki)
casting: yeoh egwaras

captions/lyrics from these great artists:
soho dolls
yeah yeah yeahs
the pierces

I'm sorry if I can't make the images larger because in Christine's site, the pics are only about this size so yeah.
If you want to know more about this awesome photographer, here are her sites <3

I hope I could work with her someday <3

Listening to : Guns and Horses, Ellie Goulding
             <3 : Romantic photos
              =( : back ache

A Vintage Kind Of Love For Chanel

Chanel F/W 2010

Christmas gift. Thank you Tita Cecile for the lovely H&M jewelries.  <3

Alannah Hill jacket from Sydney, Vintage sheer top from my grandmother's closet!, Forever 21 sequined mini skirt, H&M neckpiece, faux fur leg warmers from Harajuku, Japan.

This was my 2009 take on the tweed jacket

I love Chanel. I love Alannah Hill. I love Harajuku. I love my grandmother. What do they all have in common? Vintage/vintage-looking, classy, elegant stuff. I wish there was a place in Manila I could wear my faux fur leg warmers and uber thick jacket. haha <3

Listening to : Kaskade feat. Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes  
             <3 : fake fur leg warmers
              =( : Mello bit me. 

December 26, 2010

Missing Mark

I'm sooo sorry I forgot to post this!! :D Congrats for this spread!!

I'm forever grateful Mark. Thank you for being there for me. Now, as you finish your law degree, it's my turn to be there for you :)
We've been best friends if not lovers for a while now. Our first proper picture was back in 2007 (one in black) but  we've met before that. By 2008, we've been  mistaken as siblings or cousins here or in Sydney. We've been going back and forth, Manila-Sydney for several years now. Sometimes me in Sydney, sometimes him in Manila. 
and here we are now. Still geeks at the UP Lantern Parade 2010. haha
Dear Mark,

I know you're missing Philippines right now. I hope to see you soon so we can play Guitar Hero, watch Family Guy, Criminal Minds, Master Chef and anime, take Mello for a walk, annoy Margie, gossip with Princess and Kiele, eat at Nan Ban Tei, play thumb war while waiting in the car, play "Magic" and "Bang", watch Natalie Tran (your dirty secret..admit it!), go to parties you hate (haha), have serious talks in bed til 4AM, argue over who has an irritating tone when explaining something,so you can embarrass me with your sexual innuendo jokes in front of our friends again, so I can kick you after embarrassing me, have breakfast at Seattle's Best, shop, watch movies, eat Mrs. Fields at Greenbelt, make fun, annoy people and jog around The Fort, walk around in ATC, order Mc Donalds at 12AM, watch Powerpuff Girls at 1:45AM then sleep at 2:30 AM.

We all miss you here. Even Mello says he misses you in his own bossy ways. Merry Christmas.


Listening to : Only Exception, Paramore and 505 by Arctic Monkeys
             <3 : Misguided Ghost, Paramore, Natalie Portman's Rap Video
             =( : Mark in Sydney

December 22, 2010

Year Of The Rabbit

Zara TRF silk kimono dress as cover up,  H&M black tank, H&M denim shorts, F21 belt which you can't see well haha, Janilyn shoes

Zara beautiful silk kimono dress I haven't worn ever.  Although my sister wore this in a Puey Quinones fashion show.

beautiful brush by justMANGO

This was a gift from Mark 2 or 3 years ago (?) when we were just starting as a couple. First dress he ever bought me as a surprise gift.

accessories from Mark and my sister.. yeah they spoil me :)

loving these right now.. very comfy but the cheetah print shoes were more comfortable though.
I didn't even realize it's Christmas in two days. Damn. After that, it'll be a whole new year. I love 2010. The year has been good to me. A hell lot of good things happened and I would bid the year a bittersweet farewell.

 What I love about  2010

<3Had new work, new friends and more savings.
<3Moved to Makati in a hotel condo.
<3 Taught inside New Bilibid Prisons.
<3 Met with childhood friends from elementary :)
<3 LOTS of Road trips with workmates and friends, beaches, hole in the wall clubs and cafes
<3Hosted my grandmother's birthday in Alabang Country Club.
<3Watched concerts and gigs and was able to meet a lot of awesome people from the Indie scene.
<3Was given a lot of opportunities to study abroad, scholarship etc for 2011/2012.
<3Was able to attend  a lot of events which I couldn't last year because of school and work. Faves were:  Graphika Manila, Cinemalya, Cream Halloween Ball, Cosmo Bachelor Bash(oohlala), Fashion Week etc.
<3I was finally able to cosplay at Metro Comic Con! I love costumes! We have a big closet full of costumes, wigs and whatnot it would be such a waste not to use them :)
<3Vacation: Palawan, Mindoro, Davao, Cebu, Bohol, Baguio, Hong Kong (again but this time during autumn. thank God), Macau etc.
<3Was able to be a make-up artist and act in an indie film and meet a lot of amazing people.
<3 Had my first art exhibit after 8 years. I only joined some exhibits before and some art competitions.
<3 Started a shoe collection.
<3 Did some photoshoots and was able to meet talented artists from the fashion industry.
<3Hot models 
<3 Finished my V for Vendetta graphic novel. 
<3 Naruto, Evangelion 1.0, Criminal Minds, Modern Family(!!), Family Guy, BIG BANG THEORY(!!!), Glee, Master Chef etc.
<3 Wikileaks. Up yours corrupt governments. You had it coming.
<3 Natalie Tran and Philip De Franco

<3Fell in love again.

So yeah, 2010 made me young and happy. Thank you God for all the blessings. My 2011 is already planned. More blessings to all of us. Happy Holidays :)

Listening to : Hikari, Utada Hikaru (fave song ever)
             <3 : God's blessings
             =( : the year's ending too fast.  

December 21, 2010

Animal Kingdom

This outfit was featured in COSMO.PH. See feature HERE.

studded leather jacket from HK, Mango black spag, Coexist leather skirt,  Jeffrey Campbell inspired Cheetah Tick Wedge from OhMy Glam Shop :) Accessories from my sister Margie

Listening to : Bike Scene, Taking Back Sunday
             <3 : Hot flirty models
         T__T: not being able to hug him

December 20, 2010

Ideal People Christmas Party

yeah we went to the wrong one lol

The lovely warm ladies of Ideal People. They're amazing. Mark and I agreed that it's awesome that the whole agency is run mostly by women. Go girl power!!

Shang Grand Hotel

some of them Brazilian folks. dang.

our new-found squeeze.ehem friend, Costa Rican International model, Alexander Vega

Haydee (right most) :) I first met her in a go-see for SM. She's so nice and awesome :D

more brazilians with Haydee

Mark with co-models of Ideal. Loving the chick in green I forgot who. She's gorgeous!
Ideal People Model Management Christmas Party. Thank you so much to the staff for inviting us and to Alexander for keeping us on our toes with his charming Spanish :)

Listening to : Brighter, Paramore
               <3 : hawt models and Ideal People staff
           T__T: not being able to stay long in this party because of another party

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