November 29, 2010

Macau 2010 Photo Journal

As the Philippines continues to shed its Iberian Heritage for burgers, bricks and Korean dance moves; Macau, the venerable former Portuguese colony floating on the South China Sea has become the last bastion of the authentic experience of Latin Asia. Macau is a veritable Baiana, seducing the cultured and the wealthy by the thousands each weekend. (Each group being largely mutually exclusive). The fact is, Macau is a place with two personalities, each cocooned from the other. Colonial Macau, with its stunning facade of St Pauls, cobblestone streets and tasty egg tarts on Taipa’s Food Street have always drawn the cultured. On the other side, the bright lights and outrageously themed casinos herald a new phase in Macau’s existence: The Las Vegas of Asia. Whether you want your taste of history of history or a bank busting getaway, spinning roulette wheels next to indoor replicas of Venice, Macau is the perfect blend of the old and the new; the historical and the fantastical. 

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