November 14, 2010

Mark's Little Insults

Topman Union Jack tee, Zara blue navy blazer, Lee jeans, Valentino boots, Ray Ban wayfarer, Millie's Topshop satchel

Margie playing Ragnarok with the mics on. Some of the players were singing. One female player sang when Mark came in.

   Mark: Margie, tell her she sounds like a strangled cat!
   Millie: wtf hahaha
   Mark: No, Margie, tell her that whenever she sings, God kills a kitten.

Mark walking in Central, Hong Kong

Mark and I talking while watching Transformers. (We love the word "muffin". We use it as a term of endearment for anything/anyone we love)

    Mark: Why are you sweet?
    Millie: because, because hahaha you're an AUTOMUFFIN!
    Mark: HAHAHA and our enemies are  DECEPTI...DECEPTI-CAKES!!
    Millie: Hahaha I love that! so AUTOMUFFINS are  Me, Mello, You and Margie...
    Mark: No, Margie is a brownie.

(Yea, we're idiots like that and oh Margie, my sister is a black beauty/sun-kissed lady lol)

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