November 17, 2010

Baby Come Back

Listening to: Jewel
<3 : Alone time
 =( : body ache

Found these ancient treasures in my hard drive. Some of Mark's childhood pics and mine.
soooo cute!! Mark Orosa  months old.

Mark was watching her sister bake and couldn't help but eat some of the chocolate :)

hello there! No wonder you love blue.
Mark's sister loved dressing him up and taking photos of him :)

Hello there little model!

and this is me.. yeah, I was a total hottie with my red polka dot bikini and Paris Hilton glasses.. LOL

Don't rain on my parade!


proud older sister who loved her red dresses and white socks :)

"We've made houses for hatred
It's time to make a place
Where people's souls may be seen and made safe
Be careful with each other
These fragile flames
For innocence can't be lost
It just needs to be maintained"

-Innocence Maintained, Jewel

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