October 06, 2010

Little Miss Princess

WAGW nude sheer top, khaki shorts from Rustan's, Topshop brown satchel, brown wedges from Sydney

loving my brown Topshop satchel.. gift from Mark :)
Mark told me he extremely loved this outfit because I looked like a princess. He said, he was actually embarrassed to walk with me in Greenbelt because he wasn't wearing nice clothes since he came from a photoshoot. He kept on saying I looked like a princess and guess what, I was flattered to my disdain. I suddenly remembered this post from my multiply account about being single and the 'princess mentality':

Sept 8 2009

I had my first crush when I was four. He was the first boy I ever played with and our first game was "Save the Princess". I pretended that I was tied to a chair while his brothers were evil goons trying to keep my crush from saving me. Half way through the battle he got distracted and decided that his brothers were more important, so they ran off and played cops and robbers while I remained tied to my chair.

This scenario may have been an amusing childhood memory but it disturbs me because one, it seems that the "helpless princess" persona has embedded in me unconsciously; two, I know the problem yet I can't seem to find a solution and three, the "princess mentality" is alive and well in our society. Seventeen years have passed and I am still tied to a chair, waiting for a boy to come.
I decided to end the cycle by actually not having a boyfriend for a year. I believe with a little exercise of some decency, self respect and inner strength plus, a busy environment,  I will be able to ward off all temptations of the gorgeous male body such as those fine toned abs, bright smile, twinkling eyes, alluring smell.... and oh shit.. I must stop now.

Inner strength...

Ok.. Back to some decency.

The horrors of what Walt Disney has done to society should not even be mentioned as it is a given fact, he is after all considered ze-Hitler of feminists having propagated the 'princess image'--- the helpless-formerly-independent lady conveniently damned by some magical creature just to be rescued by some dashing gentleman. This prince, however, was not given any thorough character analysis, all we know is that he is charming and rich and has a big... horse.  

Fairy Tales did not say that a prince, in real life, may be a sex-crazed maniac, out to find every beautiful helpless damsel in the land for fornication. Need I mention King Henry VIII of England and his six wives--
two of whom he had beheaded? Thus all those little princes/princesses aptly called "crotch spawn" literally killing each other for the throne. These little critters would in turn do what they do best in their respective roles until some rich guy from the 20th century takes their stories, put them on video and tuh-dah.. I am still tied to a chair waiting and not just me.

Right now, it's not even a chair anymore; I can honestly say some women are tied to a penis (there's a thought). These women who chose the martyrdom called "motherhood" instead of leaving their abusive husbands to their mistresses; these girlfriends who thought they could not get anyone better or who thought that no one would love them again after a separation. These women... I feel for them.

So then again, the solution was to remain single but are single people, particularly women, really practicing independence, self reliance blah blah gigiddy yea...? Isn't it when we become single we sometimes become needy and rely too much on our friends to help us get through the stage courtesy of blind dates, invitation to parties, inumans etc? Isn't it during this period of 'un-attachment'  we unconciously wait for the next "one" when we think we're "ready" whenever the hell that is?  I don't know. Really. It's been four years since I was single. Not long enough for people who took their vows but too tiring for those who haven't. Honestly, why do some people like me take relationships seriously to the point that it took me four years to get exhausted?

I'm just ranting but this issue about feeding this idea that women are more attractive when they're helpless and glorifying them by being called "princesses" really bothers me.

I mean, after I was rescued from my chair what next? 'Happily Ever After'?  
Oh please, it's not like I'm still four.

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