October 25, 2010

Baguio 2010

Let’s be honest. Baguio has seen better days. Gone are the days of misty airport landings and nights caressed by the sound of pine trees rustling in the cool mountain wind. SM set up shop and Session Road is choked with traffic. But Baguio is still the Summer Capital of the Philippines and the magic can still be found at Camp John Hay. Make sure to book a room in the Camp to recapture the magic of a mountain retreat. Golf, paintball, rock climbing and abseiling are all steps away. Baguio also packs a gastronomic punch. 
Cafe by the Ruins is an absolute delight, serving organic, locally sourced, gourmet dishes, served up with freshly baked in-house bread. It’s location on the ruins of the US Governor’s mansion only sweetens the deal - but make sure you order their hot chocolate. No less impressive is Forest House Bistro, magically presented as a warm hunting lodge. Service is exquisite and the well-needed soups are served in adorable bowls of bread. Head to the mountains in winter, when the cold air makes Christmas all that more palpable.

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