October 03, 2010

My Room, My Art

Last month, I had the urge to re-arrange my room. I'm actually a neat freak and loves to clean my room almost everyday. I panic when I see something out of place although I do relax sometimes, but when I do let go,  there are moments where the clutter stays there for a month. Not really proud of that, but I always assure myself that I would be able to pull my leg and magically force my will to create a drastic change. For some girls, they have make-overs, for me, my room gets it all because my hair could not stand another bleaching let alone "re-arranging" whatever that may be.

the new look..simple and clean

my desk uncluttered

my baby sleeping <3

laptop, art magazines, gossip mags, books, diary

some stuff and Masked/Kamen Rider voodoo doll from Thailand :)

Rukawa holder from Carla Chua :), some books and a water container from HK
extra cabinet for dresses.. I love dresses..

my wall art

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