October 16, 2010

It's Our Little Secret

Topshop chiffon dress, Zara gray cardigan, Janylin blue wedges, gold Swarovski crystals (necklace, bracelet) from my mother, random rings from Sydney


Mello with his pink shirt!

We've been planning to go out of town or just an escape from the concrete jungle we call Makati. I've wanted to go to Los Banos but that's another story. Mark has been postponing this trip due to his demanding work and well, I can't actually leave my students behind. We used to go out of the country for vacations but we're more focused on our "careers" now whatever they may be haha. As my mother says, there is always a time for everything. Anyway, our weeks have been a continuous routine. Half the week I'm in Alabang while the other half in Makati. We frequent the malls specifically Greenbelt since our place is a few blocks away from it so we basically live there hahaha. We love Bonifacio High Street for its laidback, picnic-like set-up and there was a day where we spent half the time inside a toy/pet store building a robot from Lego. Although we have these sanctuaries, I would still prefer Sonya's Garden anytime. We've been there a couple of times yet I still feel it's magical, like some sort of secret garden. It's so far and hidden it seems that only people who actually know where to find it go there, although it is quite a popular destination in Tagaytay.

I was lucky enough to go there with Mark and Mello--loves of my life.  We had the most pleasant conversation while Mello stared at the garden. The peace permeated around us and I felt the simplicity of this pleasure. The charming gardens invited us to delve deeper and stroll longer, Mello was particularly excited, sniffing every bud he could see.  Mark on the other hand was all praises for the food and was unusually  more eager to take pictures and preserve the moment. To be honest, it was more of my scene. I love being this close to nature, gardens, mountains and streams. I enjoy being with the few people I love and have interesting conversations over good, healthy food. I prefer walking around parks with huge trees rather than on hard tiles of the malls. Walking Mello is the best meditation I can get and Mark's engaging discussions balances the relaxing atmosphere.

I do wish with all my heart to have my own place like Sonya's Garden, somewhere hidden, somewhere safe, somewhere untouched and it will be our little secret.

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