September 05, 2010

Yes! I'm A Teacher

I have been a teacher inside the New Bilibid Prisons since I was 16 years old. My students are "murderers", "drug addicts", "thieves" and "rapists" ranging from 20 to 60 years of age. I teach English and literature, in addition to basic English in our Alternative Learning Center where the students' level ranges from grades 1-6. Currently, I am teaching literature, poetry and speech in the university inside the prison.

my co teachers
the most dedicated teachers in the world

There are a lot bright and creative minds among our inmates. It is unfortunate that they are not able to utilize their potential for the benefit of society, but I cannot blame them. It is ironic that some of them had to be imprisoned just to get education. 

some of our "Linggo Ng Wika" pictures

 Some of my students could not even read nor write and were only able to realize their skills whilst serving their time. Some inmates were only able to finish college and get a diploma while inside the prisons, making the education program we provide essential for rehabilitation and rebuilding a fractured society.

with my mother, the head of the Education Section of the whole Bureau of Corrections. Basically, she's the brain of it all.
with my favorite student Egan
my "Linggo Ng Wika" costume : random black top, skirt from Malaysia, cover up from Thailand, earrings from Accessorize

....and world peace.. bow :) yes.. this is my happiness :)

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