September 13, 2010


Mark: Do you know that Kit Kats destroyed rainforests and robbed farmers of  their livelihood??

Millie: uh-huh..yeah..*chew and lick more Kit Kats in front of Mark* yummm...oops there goes a tree *bite* oops..there goes a farmer *bite*...

Mark: Why do you like Kit Kats so much anyway?? Is it because of the wafer??

Millie: Yeah *munch munch*

Mark: Why don't you buy the Italian Wafers instead?

Millie: Coz Kit Kat is cheaper.. *munch*

Mark: You know why Kit Kat is cheaper?

Millie: Oh lord....

Mark: Because farmers DIDN'T DIE making the Italian Wafers!

Millie: AAARRRGGHHH.....

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