September 30, 2010

Charice snubbed Katy Perry LOL

ROFL this is just too funny :))

September 28, 2010

Fashion One oh One

dress and wedges from PRP

September 27, 2010

Olive Juice

Mark: I love you..
Me: What??
Mark: uh..uhm... OLIVE JUICE...
Me: olive juice??
Mark: olive juice too.. ♥
a Family Guy joke c/o Stewie and Brian :D

Cosmopolitan Style Paparazzi

September 17, 2010
dress from Amour, Zara belt, topshop tights, PRP wedges, necklace from Sydney, Salvatore Ferragamo bag

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2010

What: Cosmo Bachelor Bash/ Mark's Birthday
When: Sept 9, 2010
Where: World Trade Center 

Mark Orosa, my best friend, is one of the 69 Cosmo Bachelors and was lucky enough to be in the Como Bachelor Bash held every year c/o Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines. I was with Mark through the whole Cosmo experience and I must say that it was a fun ride meeting other models, the cosmo editors and getting more invites. The show was a bit tiring because there were a lot of people ie. screaming fans, excited gays etc. but at the end of the day we found ourselves cuddling in Seattle's Best/ Greenbelt and quietly celebrating Mark's birthday with a coffee jelly :)

my invite
with Boys Night Out and Jing Monis

the stage

Guess fashion show


Sam Milby


Daniel Matsunaga
my hunny, MARK OROSA
 You can add Mark :)

September 23, 2010

It's Not You, It's Mello

 sa dami ng "lalakeng" nakita ko, ikaw pa rin ang pinakagwapo sa puso ko ♥ ---talking to my dog Mello...asa ka pa boy.


Hindi kita yayakapin pero makuha ka (na sana) sa tingin. ♥ 

ansarap magka-crush! nakakabata..

My childhood crush Kurama/ Dennis from Yuyu Hakusho/Ghost Fighter





I seem to elicit a more agreeable possessive reaction. Although it bores me when you do not talk... or decide to be as catatonic as my dry humor when in distress. I officially do not like pauses. or silence. or the way my heart beats from self control. Sometimes I can't help it. The confusion is not a closure.Yet we do not move. Because it's more agreeable and maybe, just maybe, less painful.

September 13, 2010


Mark: Do you know that Kit Kats destroyed rainforests and robbed farmers of  their livelihood??

Millie: uh-huh..yeah..*chew and lick more Kit Kats in front of Mark* yummm...oops there goes a tree *bite* oops..there goes a farmer *bite*...

Mark: Why do you like Kit Kats so much anyway?? Is it because of the wafer??

Millie: Yeah *munch munch*

Mark: Why don't you buy the Italian Wafers instead?

Millie: Coz Kit Kat is cheaper.. *munch*

Mark: You know why Kit Kat is cheaper?

Millie: Oh lord....

Mark: Because farmers DIDN'T DIE making the Italian Wafers!

Millie: AAARRRGGHHH.....

September 12, 2010

The Simple Life

 I want a simple life by the beach ♥

You Ex' Panties

Mark in one of the radio stations.

  Mark had this "radio tour" to promote the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 


BOYS NIGHT OUT(radio): did you keep anything from yer ex like ya   know PANTIES?

MARK: well, yeah a couple, i was checkin my laundry from the dry cleaners and "oh..right"


WHOLE FAMILY: *stared at me* *dad rolled his eyes* -____-

September 05, 2010

Yes! I'm A Teacher

I have been a teacher inside the New Bilibid Prisons since I was 16 years old. My students are "murderers", "drug addicts", "thieves" and "rapists" ranging from 20 to 60 years of age. I teach English and literature, in addition to basic English in our Alternative Learning Center where the students' level ranges from grades 1-6. Currently, I am teaching literature, poetry and speech in the university inside the prison.

my co teachers
the most dedicated teachers in the world

There are a lot bright and creative minds among our inmates. It is unfortunate that they are not able to utilize their potential for the benefit of society, but I cannot blame them. It is ironic that some of them had to be imprisoned just to get education. 

some of our "Linggo Ng Wika" pictures

 Some of my students could not even read nor write and were only able to realize their skills whilst serving their time. Some inmates were only able to finish college and get a diploma while inside the prisons, making the education program we provide essential for rehabilitation and rebuilding a fractured society.

with my mother, the head of the Education Section of the whole Bureau of Corrections. Basically, she's the brain of it all.
with my favorite student Egan
my "Linggo Ng Wika" costume : random black top, skirt from Malaysia, cover up from Thailand, earrings from Accessorize

....and world peace.. bow :) yes.. this is my happiness :)


corset from Bare Essentials, random skirt, Supre lace leggings from Sydney, oxford shoes from New Zealand, necklace from Supre and Bangkok, bangles from random countries, hat made by my sister! :)

September 02, 2010

Someday I'll Be Like My Lola


my lola just bought a house and lot out of the blue! my god, i wish i could have that much money to buy a property like that as if i were just "shopping" .


Here are some of the pictures from my lola's 75th birthday last May 2010 held in Alabang Country Club inside Ayala Village. Morales, Tejada, Orellana, Espeleta and Uy clans were present with yours truly as the host of the event.

our whole family, lola with her sister Tita Cora in pink and all their children, in-laws and apos
Lola with just her children, in-laws and grandchildren
Left-right: Tito Chuck (3rd child), Tito Mervin (6th), Tita Tess (1st), LOLA ,my dad Marlon (2nd), Tita Aga (5th), Tito Mike (4th)
the venue
my Tejada and San Pedro cousins
with my aunties, Ninang Cecille, Tita Joanne and my mother
my sister Margie
my other titas
my cousins Mario and James
Lola's cake made by her niece Tita Amy
we love our lola <3


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