August 14, 2010

With The Band

with September Issue in B-Side, Makati

My dream is to be a rock star and have the most awesome rock n' roll band in the world minus the drugs. I am very attracted to people who not only write their songs but actually perform them; gods basked in blue and red lights in front of a crowd soaked in yosi smoke. I would sit in awe, a bottle of water in my hand and a camera on the other while I grasp every word, every beat of these idols who are actually living this geek's dream. Oh my, when, where and how can I be as hot as that? as passionate as that?

The perks of going to rock 'gigs': place, food and people. Every place is dim, dark, smoky and has interesting ambiance. I particularly have a penchant for the "underground scene" vibe with the interesting palette, amazing artworks and hole-in-the-wall location. B-Side is officially one of our faves with what Mark calls an "unpretentious" aura although it was unforgivingly hot outside the bar itself. The walls were lined with graffiti and (maybe) carefully selected personal artworks. The documentary playing with a French subtitle was the cherry on top of this eye-candy. Cheeky but acceptable. Which reminds me, I didn't get to take a  sample of their food since we only ordered cheese sticks and a decent drink.

B-Side is so funky. love it.

So we went to watch September Issue's gig. We actually gave them a lift there and we were able to bypass the entrance by being introduced as the "managers" of the band, how cool is that? Anyway, Darwin and 2per were both introduced to me before this gig at Checkpoint by another vocalist friend of mine, Job. This is interesting because the meeting in B-side is actually a result of a series of very interesting events.
Mark with September Issue

 See, Hershey, my high school friend has an ex-boyfriend named Yami. Yami is in a band called Gray Portrait. Now, Yami's band plays under Happy House Production. I went with Hershey in one of Yami's gig where there, I was introduced to Paloy, another vocalist of a band called Jurassic Pards. Paloy then introduced me to Job, vocalist of Katoto, and Job introduced me to Darwin, vox of September Issue. Amazing.

To make it simple:
Hershey----Yami/Gray Portrait---Paloy/Jurassic Pards---Job/Katoto---Darwin/September Issue :) 
with 2per
Supre blazer from Sydney, Mango black tank, random star shorts from Glorietta, Mango quilted bag, Mendrez wedges, accessorize earrings, gold cuff from Sydney

Now, I can't be a rock star  but at least I can look like one 
(insert confidence here). ^__^


  1. kinakabahan ako habang binabasa ko to..-darwin

  2. Hey guys original ba yang tugtog nyo? cool naalala ko ang up dharma, syempre iba naman yung sa inyo.. Hehe, check nyo din tong band na to

    Ako ang keyboardist dito kaso dina active no more time, may priority kasi eh.. Madami orginals dyan yung first three lang ang covers.. Keep up the good work.

  3. Pati pala yung stuck on you, kapayapaan at usok cover din.. the rest originals.. hehe.. maglagay kayo dito ng mga gigs niyo para kung may time eh mapunatahan..


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