August 31, 2010

Rockwell's Urban Bazaar 2010

went to Rockwell Urban Bazaar. A lot of hot chicks that most people missed ANNE CURTIS. I was lucky to spot her, she was apparently standing beside me looking at the same clothes. Trust the wide-eyed fangirl in me to quickly have a photo with her then run giggling.
poster.. 100 entrance fee BOO!

we stayed in front of this stall laughing.. mark wouldn't stop
hilarious :D
stalls..there were some nice stuff..bought a couple from the "nice" owners
mark loved his food from the portugese guy

 It was fun. There were some cool items but I really did not like some of the prices (considering the material used or the style) and some of the stall owners' attitude, particularly this one who's apparently selling "REAL" branded bags NOT 2nd hand original ones or triple A class copycat, I mean lady, whoever you are, of course we're gonna ask if you're selling the "original" I mean, it's a bazaar-- you wouldn't really expect someone to sell "original brand new uber expensive" bags there even if it were possible. Sheesh. I bet you were so defensive cos we pointed out the obvious.  

For a bazaar, it's the most "maarte" I've been to and I've been to a lot in other countries. "No taking pics, we have our own photogs, tickets for 100 pesos, a lot of owners with their YAYAS.. yes, in full yaya uniform this is aside from their hired sales ladies, collegiala english and so on" Jeez. I really miss the bazaars in Sydney. Open space, good food, good fashion, good vibes and some good prices.

Oh well, I guess I won't go back next year or maybe I will just to buy from those "cool designer ones". I still enjoyed it because Mark was such a good sport and we really enjoy shopping, hunting and just talking. Thank God for him.

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