August 31, 2010

These Pretty Wild Things

Wore this at ROCKWELL'S URBAN BAZAAR last August 27, 2010. This beautiful leopard skirt was bought 2 years ago at Kirribilli Bazaar in Sydney. The original price was $62.00 but guess how much I got it? 5 fucking Aussie dollars!!! I had to buy a LOT of skirts. Apparently they were selling everything at a low price because the zippers were not working so I had the zippers fixed here in the Philippines for free. hahaha!

About the bracelets. It's interesting because I have been collecting bracelets and bangles since I was a kid. My lola would give me several, some were even diamond studded! My mother traveled a lot so she would give me several gold bracelets from different countries while I bought the others in my own travels as souvenirs. :)

shades from Sydney, necklace from YRYS, bracelets from random countries, random black spag, MINK PINK leopard print skirt I bought 2 years ago, ALDO black pumps

cool gold necklace, gold ring from my mother
every woman deserves to be empowered. every woman should let her hair down and be brave. every woman should be wild. :)

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