August 18, 2010

Sunshine and Muffins In My Planet

If there is one person in the world who truly deserves his/her name it's Sunshine. Much like a sunshine, any place lights up whenever she's around; we can all thank her Chinese eyes for always smiling back.

College. I met her in St. Therese at UPLB. A dormitory run by nuns. She was my second room mate and the closest. She came of  as flighty yet stern. She knew what she wanted and was strict with her values and schedule. I thankfully adopted the strict schedule but not much the 'values' part since she considers herself a traditionalist when it comes to matters of extreme privacy and intimacy *hint* *wink*.

Zara/Miu Miu inspired dress, vintage lace cover up, Zara belt, Celine wedges, Accessorize earrings
 For a time, we were very close as I would recall. She helped me through my first ever break-up and I was there to help her with her debut. I remember that there was a   point where one of us could not sleep when the other is not around. That was really charming. She then transferred to UP Diliman to pursue Engineering while I stayed in Los Banos because of a boyfriend she introduced to my life c/o her suitor Henry. It was really upsetting though I know it was what she really wanted. There was no stopping her. After that, there were quite a few meet-ups and then she was gone again. Just like a sunshine on a slow sunset.

Years. After her backpacking trip with her cousin, Sunshine and I decided to finally meet. I took Mark along with our dog Mello. We decided to go to The Fort early so that Mello could have his recommended dosage of exercise according to Mark.

Come 6pm and we stayed at Conti's since it's the original meet-up restaurant. I was so excited to see Sunshine again. She was radiant in an elegant nude top and shorts, a bright smile to compliment our giddy embrace. Then she started talking and I shut up and just listened. I was that interested to hear about her travels and what's happened to her.

We moved to the restaurant beside Conti's--Duo. I was glad we moved since there was a couch outside. We were all able to settle nicely as rain poured providing a cool, cozy atmosphere.
Serendra is beautiful and I would want to live there. It's like living the yuppie life.

After a great dinner with the most amusing stories from her travels such as being devirginized by a tampon (HAHAHA), we headed to Shine's condo unit 5 minutes away from Duo.

The unit was very homey and was so comfortable I wanted to spend a night there. But I must say, the best thing about Serendra is that they allow pets inside!!! I soooo love Ayala for this.

Sunshine showed us her pictures from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia. The exotic images ignited this urge to backpack and just go around Asia. Mark and I also planned this route actually. We were about to do some backpacking last year but it didn't happen. Oh well. We're still young...

happy...and full of promises ahead. She deserved that trip although we both told her that it would've been better with a boyfriend. But that's not what's really in our minds right now. We have goals and ambitions. We wanted to create our own universe.

As her chinky eyes waved goodbye, she almost tripped but was able to regain her balance. Adorable haha. We went our separate ways and promised to meet this December after her board exam. Catching up with Shine was really pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the night with three of the most lovable beings in my planet.

A planet with lots of Sunshine and Muffins <3

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