August 14, 2010

Little Tokyo

Mark and I ate at this amazing Japanese restaurant KIKUFUJI in Little Tokyo. It smelt like fish but the food was amazing. 

We love Japanese food. I especially like Unagi or eel for some odd reason while Mark loves his raw tuna/sashimi which is weird since he finds cooked tuna unsavory..go figure that out.


at the counter.. they were very disorganized tsk tsk
my fave unagi sushi/ eel

Mark's fave beef curry

While waiting for our driver, we went around Little Tokyo and just enjoyed browsing around this Japanese grocery store called CHOTTO STOP with a sign that looked like Ministop or something.. haha


Wandering, we saw more Japanese restaurants much to our delight and some manga! Imagine how excited I was.

Lee pipes black top (gift from my mother), Lee pants, Mango belt, Mango quilted bag
What: Izakaya Kikufuji, Little Tokyo
Where:2277 Pasong Tamo Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines
Contact:  893-7319 or 893-6131. 

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