August 10, 2010

An Illusion of Happiness

on MILLIE: Vintage Coca Cola shirt from Thailand, GAP high waist shorts, random wedges, Mango quilted bag, vintage leather belt from Sydney        On MARK: Topman checkered shirt, Cheap Monday acid wash jeans, H&M pimsolls

" It takes an intricate illusion of happiness to brave every second of desire to be with someone you have committed your whole being. "

This particular skyline reminds me of Hong Kong and Sydney. I miss traveling so much that seeing bright lights and busy streets brings nostalgia-of a time where we would swim in a sea of nameless people as faceless tourists. There is comfort in anonymity. There is freedom. Yet, there is also a desire to tell everyone who you are and what you've been through though I kept everything to myself to preserve the wide-eyed wonder of an exotic place whether in the crowded hot streets, golden temples or in the fanciest clubs. 

Now this made me think. As tourists, we tend to enjoy and absorb everything and turn every experience into witty conversations at home, but what about the experiences of our OFWs? I could not grasp what must have swirled around their reflections upon entering a foreign land. Fear? Excitement? Hope? Uncertainty?  What kind of courage did they bring in their backpacks and boxes? What kind of gamble did they pursue and what are the stakes? What kind of illusion of happiness did they see in this new promise land?

I have a feeling I'll know some answers when I get there  but for now, I'll start here at home...I'm thinking of moving to Makati so I decided to look for condos or apartments. Kevin, a friend from UPLB, was kind enough to show us his place in MAKATI EXECUTIVE TOWER. Awesome place I must say. It has this cool dorm/apartment feel from UP which is comforting.

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