August 31, 2010

Growing Old Doesn't Mean Growing Up


that , ladies and gentlemen, is my serious Guitar Hero face.


Reptilia-The Strokes hihihi
another "career" face hehe
yep, i'm actually winning against Mark hekhek
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Walked to Greenbelt from Mark's apartment in Amorsolo. I badly needed the exercise. We gave Mark's driver a day off since we had to use him last Sunday. It was a good move. We were able to "tour" around Makati on our own. Thank God I know my way around esp going to Greenbelt since I've worked in that area before..aahh my PLDT days. Anyway, to pass time, we went to Time Zone near the cinemas and had a little competition. Mark is extremely competitive from air hockey (Mark won),  racing cars (I won several times hehe), basketball (I won again haha), guitar hero (tie?) to some shooting games (Mark won bah). 

I felt like a kid again playing with my "kalaro" and what can I say, there's still a kid in each of us <3


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