January 06, 2010

Old Manila 2008

so young here!

hello UPLB-style..arrghh

There is something magical about well-built aquariums. A window into the world of the deep, glowing in dulcet blue tones always elicits calm, awe and a certain mount of romanticism. Designed by Singaporeans, staffed by locals - a winning combination in the current era - Manila Ocean Park is a wonderful and well-needed gallery of our exotic marine life. Well-maintained and executed, go underwater with the sharks, turn off the lights on the glowing jelly fish and ogle the mesmerizing patterns of sea life that only nature could invent. These are some of the nation’s most valuable treasures - watch them closely and do your part to protect them! 

Once the ‘Paris of the East’ and cultural Mecca of Asia; Old Manila still retains some of its artistic heritage between the crowds, pollution and market. Relics survive in the stoic Metropolitan Theater, Daniel Burnham’s art deco front on Roxas Boulevard, the cobble stoned-streets and Moorish street signs of Intramuros and the three century old Cathedrals in Earthquake Baroque styling. In particular, Plaza San Luis harks back to a more civilized age, of high teas and high society. To relive Manila’s golden years, take one of Carlos Celdran’s walking tours of Manila. You’ll remember seeing him on the news for protesting against the CBCP. However, if shopping is your way of reliving the decadence of pre-war Manila, then head to 168 Mall to pick up some fresh off the boat dresses, accessories and bags. 

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  1. Can I ask you something? What's the color of your hair dear? Is it natural? In all of your pictures, whether old or recent, the color of your hair doesn't change. Looks good in you. :)


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